Our bath bombs make baths  not only soothing & relaxing but also are lot of fun!  It's like soaking in a glass of Alka-Seltzer!  With the added butter & oil, these bath bombs will also leave your skin feeling petal soft.

Whipped Butter

Shampoo Bar

Natural Soaps


Our Shampoo Bar IS All Natural.

This bar is great for travel and is chemically free. You will have shinier and silkier hair with zero buildup, It’s 85% organic! It creates a rich and foamy lather.

Natural Skin Care



With skin nourishing goat milk and deep cleansing clay this bar creates loads of wonderful lather! Helps to take away razor burn, while moisturizing the skin.

Our Products

Lip Balms.

Lotion Bars

Goat Milk


Activating Charcoal




Castile (Olive Oil)


Shaving Goat Milk Soap.

Beauty In The Bar TM is small company located in Springfield, Massachusetts that has natural, handmade, chemically free, skin care products.
Including: Solid Lotion Bars, Natural Soaps, Goat Milk Soap, Body Butters, Scrubs, Bath Bombs, Salts ect.
All our products are hand made with only the finest natural ingredients.

Chemically free lotion bars, using only the finest natural ingredients: exotic oils, butters & essential oils.  Not only inexpensive & convenient, but also a great natural way to moisturize your skin.

​​​​Beauty In The Bar

Bath Bombs